Pello in Lapland - the Fishing capital of Finland

This video was created for Pello tourism. Located in the Tornio Valley in Finnish Lapland, Pello is Finland’s fishing capital and a salmon fishing paradise: .This video is part of a broader package of fishing tourism videos:

Arctic Snow Hotel & Glass Igloos in Lapland

This video presentation was made for a resort based in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland, which offers both a snow hotel and glass-covered igloos: Arctic Snowhotel & Glass Igloos The video package we produced for them, also includes a video focused only on the glass igloos.  

Video for Rovaniemi Log Houses in Finland

This video presentation was made for Rovaniemi Hirsitalot Oy (Rovaniemi Log Houses,, the leading supplier in Finland of wooden houses and log houses. We also produced their YouTube channel, where you can find more information:

Mariela Pokka luxury clothing video

Joulupukki TV created this video demonstration for the Mariella Pokka brand. Mariella Pokka is a Rovaniemi (Finland) based company that produces luxury fashion from reindeer leather, the most exclusive leather in the world. Joulupukki TV also created the new Mariella Pokka website:

Lapland's mining industry

This promotional video about Lapland’s mining industry was produced for Lapland’s municipalities and for the Regional Council of Lapland with the objective to promote Lapland as an attractive destination for global mining companies and their service providers. The video includes for example unique and innovative aerial video taken from a drone.

Arctic Drilling Company video

The Arctic Drilling Company ( is a Rovaniemi-based provider of services and products for the mining industry. This video presentation focuses on their drilling rigs.

Helkama Jopo Electro bike and Santa's different departure

This Youtube-video was produced for Helkama Velox, Finland’s leading bicycle manufacturer. This funny “Santa Claus’ departure” video was at the same time a b-to-b corporate video greeting to Helka Velox and a way to create buzz around its new electric Jopo bike. MORE INFO: Helkama Velox:

Pokka Reindeer Hides made in Lapland

Pokka Reindeer Hides, based in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland, is the world’s leading producer of reindeer hides and reindeer leather. More information about Pokka Reindeer Hides:

Wine Resort Deutschherren-Hof (Trier, Germany)

This video was produced for the Deutschherrenhof wine estate and wine restaurant. It is a family estate situated in the beautiful town of Trier in the Moselle Valley in Germany. We have produced their YouTube-channel including 3 videos in 2 languages:

More info about the resort: