Every year, Joulupukki TV / Santatelevision produces high-quality tailor-made video messages for companies and organisations around the world to celebrate the end of the year.

Our Santa Claus video messages can be made, for example, for the citizens of a city or a region, or for the personnel or clients of a company.

We can film our video messages in various locations, such as the Joulupukki TV Santatelevision studios, in Christmas House in Santa Claus Village (Rovaniemi, Lapland), or at an authentic reindeer farm.

To make our video messages look as authentic and Christmassy as possible, we can also include our own archive video material on themes such as reindeer, snowy landscapes, drone images of Lapland in winter, etc.

Usually, Santa’s tailor-made video messages are 2-3 minutes long and include some Christmas-related background music.

For over a decade, we have provided customised high-quality video messages from Santa, and we write and plan the messages in cooperation with the client. As long as the video messages preserve the integrity of Lapland’s Santa Claus brand and are not overly commercial, the sky’s the limit!

Please contact us for an offer: company@santatelevision.com / phone: +358 40 835 1428