Joulupukki TV (called also “Europe Video Productions“) offers high quality b-to-b video and television services. Joulupukki TV has been producing Youtube videos since 2007, and has a unique knowledge base in Internet video production. We are also operating with high quality drones since 2017.

Every year millions of people all over the world watch the Youtube and Facebook videos we have produced. In 2020 the videos produced by us received in total over 45 million views on Youtube and Facebook.

In the field of digital video, Joulupukki TV offers its customers global solutions: from the conception of an idea to internet video hosting. According to customers’ wishes, our qualified team can produce an entire project or offer services for more specific needs.

As one of Northern Finland’s leading video and television companies, operating around Europe, Joulupukki TV is experienced in working with tourism and leisure activity companies, as well as with manufacturers. You can see some of our video productions HERE. Our company has satisfied customers all around Europe (Finland, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, etc.) and Asia (Japan, China, etc).

TV productions about North and Arctic: TV-movies, series and news

Since its creation in 2000, Joulupukki TV has also been active in different TV productions related to Lapland and Christmas. We have involved as a partner several Christmas related TV movies or series like “Calendier Magic” or “Tom au Pays du Père Noël” and working as a production service company in numerous TV productions like “C8 – Baba en Laponie“.

Every year we work for several  TV news productions about Lapland for channels like BBC, France Télévision, TF1 and so on.


 Location scouting, location manager, fixer services in Finnish Lapland 

We also provide location scouting, location manager and fixer services for foreign production companies filming in Finnish Lapland or northern Finland in general. We have been filming in Lapland for over 20 years, and we know the sites and companies in locations like Rovaniemi, Levi, Kittilä, Salla, Pello, Kemi and so on. We have worked with many productions coming from France, Japan, China, UK, Germany, France, Italy, South Korea and more. Our biggest specialty is Christmas- and Santa Claus-related productions, but we have also worked a lot with themes like reindeer herding or fishing tourism. We are not experts of Sámi culture, since Sámi people are mostly living in Northern Lapland (in Finnish Lapland both Finns and Sámi are herding reindeer)..


In addition to high level editing and production knowledge, Joulupukki TV owns a high quality Ultra HD editing station, cameras and 4K drones. Learn HERE more about our technical equipments. HERE you can find more information about our drone video productions in Finnish Lapland.

If you are interested in learning more about our video and TV services, please contact:

Tommi Lappalainen
CEO of Joulupukki TV Oy
Mobile: +358 40 835 1428

Glass Resort in Rovaniemi in Finland

More about this unique glass resort located at Santa Claus Village in Lapland.

Pello - Winter Paradise in Lapland

Pello – Winter paradise in Lapland. More about the destinatino  

Arctic Snow Hotel & Glass Igloos in Lapland

This video presentation was made for a resort based in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland, which offers both a snow hotel and glass-covered igloos:

Salla in Lapland virtual presentation

Salla in the middle of nowhere is unique travel destination in east of Lapland. This video is for Visit Salla‘s virtual presentation of FAM

Norrhydro in Rovaniemi, Finland

Video produced in 2022 for Norrhydro, which is constructed a new factory in Rovaniemi.

Joulupukki TV Showreel

View the showreel of our best realizations in 2018-2021

Aerial Showreel of Joulupukki TV

This video’s purpose is to demonstrate our company’s knowledge in the field video production with drones. More about HERE about our drone services.

Atrio Restaurant & Bar in Brussels

Atrio Bar & Restaurant is located in the European District of Brussels in Belgium. Our company has realized for them a family of 3 promotion videos.

Lapland's mining industry

This promotional video about Lapland’s mining industry’s promotion was produced for Lapland’s municipalities and for the Regional Council of Lapland.

Helkama Jopo Electro bike & Santa's departure

This Youtube-video was produced for Helkama Velox, Finnish bicycle manufacturer. This funny “Santa’s departure” video was at the same time a b-to-b corporate video greeting.

Winter tires testing for the University of Oulu in Finland

This video was made for a research project of the University of Oulu in Finland. The goal of the project is to test winter tires.

Lystikämä Holiday Resort in Rovaniemi

This video was produced in 2023 for Lystikämä Holiday Resort in Rovaniemi. More information about the resort:

Christmas House Safaris & Reindeer Farm in Rovaniemi in Finland

Christmas House Safaris is Rovaniemi based provider of safaris & excursions like Northern Lights Safaris. The firm has also its own reindeer farmhusky farm in Rovaniemi.

Aito Log Houses in Finland

This video was made for Aito Log Houses – a Finnish provider of wooden homes.

Suvanto Care - travel safe Santa Claus