Our camera equipment includes for example : 

– Sony PXW-FS5 4K-camera
– Blackmagic Production Camera 4K EF (Ultra HD)
– Sony FDR-AX100E Ultra HD handycam
– Sony FDR-X1000V 4K Action Cam

Our editing station is a high-end iMac work station which allows Ultra HD and Full-HD editing and color-corrections in real-time. We also do additional special effects, 2D animations and compositing.

We rent our equipment and talent to professionals, please contact us for more information!

What is Ultra HD (high-definition)?

Compared to standard Full HD definition, Ultra HD video definition (3840 x 2160 pixels) offers four times the resolution. The best way to use that quality is in venues or exhibitions with a projector or a large screen, and of course in movie and TV productions. Youtube also supports Ultra HD

Comparison of Full HD to Ulra HD.