The all-time record increase in viewers of Santa Claus’ Internet TV from Lapland seen in the Christmas season of 2012

The number of visitors has increased in excess of 90% – the biggest increase being in South America. The global increase in the popularity of the real Santa Claus from Rovaniemi in Lapland can also be seen on his own internet television channel. Opened in 2000 / is breaking all its records this … Continued

Santatelevision doubled video views thanks to its Youtube channel

Lapland’s Santa Claus has since the year 2000 its own Internet TV The channel is run by the company Joulupukki TV Oy (“Joulupukki” is Finnish and means “Santa Claus”) based in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland in Finland. During the autumn 2011 the channel was renewed and Joulupukki TV also opened a Santatelevision Youtube … Continued