New presentation video about Moselsteig (walking paths of Moselle Valley) for Cochem tourism region in Mosel in Germany

Joulupukki TV has produced new appealing presentation video about Moselsteig (walking paths of Mosel) for Feriendland Cochem Holiday Region in Mosel Valley in Germany. The Moselsteig attracts many visitors who can admire the nature on indicated paths along the Moselle, which is one of the most international tourism regions of German. In the Cochem holiday region, you can find more than 90 km of indicated walking paths. In addition to this video about Moselsteig Joulupukki TV has produced for the Feriendland Cochem Youtube channels : (in German), (multilingual channel) und (Spanish channel). The three channels include currently 17 different videos with various language versions and they have been watched totally some 400 000 times.

Discover the new Moselsteig video: