The all-time record increase in viewers of Santa Claus’ Internet TV from Lapland seen in the Christmas season of 2012

The number of visitors has increased in excess of 90% – the biggest increase being in South America.

The global increase in the popularity of the real Santa Claus from Rovaniemi in Lapland can also be seen on his own internet television channel. Opened in 2000 / is breaking all its records this year. Over the past few years, the number of visitors to the website has increased by over 90% and this Christmas the videos on the Santatelevision Youtube-channel ( attracted over three million viewers this year.

The channel is maintained by the Rovaniemi-based Joulupukki TV Oy Ltd ( There are estimated to be over a million visitors to the website this Christmas season. The majority of visitors come from France and Italy, but also increasing numbers from the Latin American nations.

Managing Director of Joulupukki TV Tommi Lappalainen stated that the popularity of the website has not quite yet reached the “Angry Birds level”, but the number of visitors to the website almost doubling is very satisfying news. Tommi Lappalainen was particularly happy to see that the number of visitors had enormously increased in Brazil and Argentina, where the annual growth has been over 300%.

Some of the most watched content of the channel are videos associated with Santa Claus and Christmas tourism. Some of the most popular videos have been watched hundreds of thousands of times. The videos that tell about tourism in Lapland, the Northern Lights and image galleries are also very popular. In 2012 the channel provided videos in nine different languages (Finnish, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian and Russian).

Of all the visitors to around 20% come from Italy, 20% from France, 10% from Finland and 10% from the USA. People from the United Kingdom, Spain and Brazil represent approximately 7% of the visitors.

Santa Claus’ Internet TV is also popular on Facebook: The Facebook pages of the channel in different languages altogether have over 15,000 friends. Joulupukki TV Ltd has intentionally invested in efforts to make the Santatelevision into an international brand: From 2011 onwards, Santatelevision has been a Community Trademark of the EU, as well as a registered trademark in the USA from summer 2012 onwards.


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